Thursday, June 5, 2008

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Personal Protection:

If you Think You can Fight Against the United States Government then you are not visiting the right website. Good luck raising the resources! This site exists for the following reasons:

1. If there is ANY disruption in your specific area because of fire, flood, riot, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, terrorist attack, mudslide, general strikes, economic collapse can count on the following taking place:

A. Your local police WILL be overwhelmed trying to "keep the peace".

B. Bad people will take it upon themselves to do the things they have always wanted to do to you, your family and your resources.

C. Criminals Use Guns...but, they are stupid and cowardly; kinda like the "dumb dog" that jumps the fence and chases the postman.

D. They will leave you alone, if they realize you are prepared to meet "force with force".

E. In an extended crisis, hungry and thirsty people that will want your resources. First, they will ask. Then, they will take. You will not be able to reason with them.

F. The best plan is to avoid conflict in the first place. You can do this by getting the heck out of an urban area as soon as you see the empty store shelves (preferably before). Find some place that is semi-isolated and lease or buy a small patch of land NOW, before you need it! Get a large shipping Container delivered to your place of retreat. Buy heavy chains and Locks and keep all of your food and supplies in the shipping container. IT will be much easier to get out if all you have to carry with you is a backpack, a bottle of water and a gun.

This is what you will want by way of protection:

1. Pepper Spray: ) Its always nice when you don't have to shoot people.

2. A 12 Gauge Shotgun that can hold as many rounds as possible. Buy 00 buck or large game shells. When you pull the trigger you don't want the other guy to just get back up. They might be very angry at your attempt to take their life.

3. A 45 handgun with a clip that holds the maximum number of rounds. Buy the hollow point shells. Buy multiple rounds. Carry your weapons so that everybody around them will realize you are going to protect yourself. Assume that professional criminals wear body armor...aim for the belly or other exposed area...not the chest!

4. A 9 mm handgun: This is a great protective device for women and adolescents. You want the ones with a clip. Make sure everyone has a gun.

5. A high powered rifle with a night scope: Keep it in your storage container! Sophisticated gangs will assume that no one but them carries such sophisticated equipment! They will attack your camp at night! Give them a reason to stay away.

Gun ownership is the right to self-defense. When anyone tries to use a gun to loot, rape and/or plunder they are criminals and only force will keep them away from you and your family.

Buy your weapons from a reputable sporting goods store. Don't worry about registration...the government will be the least of your worries if things get chaotic enough to where you have to actually use them.

Take a gun safety course and visit a practice range. Get a license to carry a concealed weapons permit. I hope you never have to use your weapons. But, more than that, I hope you never become a victim because of a failure to follow the above advice.